Byworth Boilers Brand Overview Heritage Corporate Video Production

Project Brief

For this project, our recurring clients, Byworth Boilers wanted to push the boundaries from their usual style for their brand overview video. They wanted to ignite passion, share their story and really get to the heart of what the business has to offer.

This is where join the innovators was born...

Video Solution

For this corporate brand video Byworth wanted to shake things up a little and push the boundaries of their normal marketing collateral.

To do this, Shot Blast went for a more storytelling angle to insight emotion and engagement in their viewers.

The story angle was tailored around their heritage roots of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of boilers.

To achieve this, we shot a cinematic production inclusive of dark reveals, slo-mo, shallow depths of field action shots and an overall darker, highly contrasted look.


Byworth are beyond pleased with their final production, commenting that its exceeded all of their expectations and have been using this, alongside a trailer we completed for them as a teaser to add drama to the launch on their social media channels - driving engagement and interest by their audiences.

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