Ardagh Metal Product Launch Video Production

Project Brief

Shot Blast Media's film crew have worked with numerous departments within the Ardagh Group, including glass and metal. For this project, the global leader in packaging outlined that they needed a video production for their metal department to help promote and educate people internally and externally about their newest technological development.

The Nitro Can is a packaging solution launched in late 2016 by the Ardagh Group to capitalise on the nitro coffee trend gaining momentum in key European markets.

Ardagh needed a video production that reflected the ethos of the company as well connecting to those involved in the growing nitro coffee trend.

Video Solution

To comply with this, Shot Blast Media created a short film that incorporated coffee shop chatter, interviews with a food and drink focus group alongside other coffee shop setting motion to create a fresh, engaging and informative tool that Ardagh can utilise in various areas of the business.

This multipurpose video will be used to build momentum around the product by sharing externally on social platforms and used internally as a dynamic tool in presentations. Product explainer videos help build understanding around complex topics that might otherwise be misunderstood.

Allowing your viewer to see a product in it's intended setting and hear first hand reviews in a short five minute video clip can help build excitement around the product.


As it's still early days in the launch, there are no results to share. However, so far, Ardagh have commented that they've received positive feedback from the video so far and that they're looking forward to using it as an aid in various areas of the business.

If your company's launching a product this year, video could be a vital tool to help give your launch that extra boost.

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