Corporate Videos

Corporate communications are at the heart of every business.

This document offers examples of how you can use video to enhance your corporate communications within your workplace and further afield. Along with relevant case study examples.

Video has seriously been playing a big part in business communications in recent years. It enables any company, no matter what size with the ability to roll out a clear and consistent message, to anyone, anywhere. This is what makes it so unbelievably powerful!

We work with a range of clients to produce strategic communication tools which come in a range of forms such as: Best practice videos, corporate videos, leadership videos, sector and industry news, bespoke programmes, videos for change management and corporate culture.

Ever wondered what it costs? There is a misconception that corporate communication strategies need to be produced on a huge budget. They don’t! Most of our clients fall into an average spend of £5K – £10K to produce high quality video strategies to support their corporate communication programmes.

We constantly research and monitor the market, following companies that are successfully using video. This combined with our industry knowledge means the video’s we produce provide a healthy return on investment for our clients. This is why over 50% of our business is repeat year on year.

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How Can We Help To Enhance Your Key Messages?

93% of professionals believe video is essential.
240 million hours are spent watching videos online each month
over 50% of employees now expect video in their workplace
75% of business executives watch work related videos weekly

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