Picture this. You’ve got a great piece of your own content you want to share with all of your clients and followers. Of course, if you’re going to share it, you want people to interact with it. Whether that be comments, liking, watching (if it’s a video for example.) Or perhaps you want to use your content to market to these people. This is where the caption comes in. Whether it be on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, a carefully worded caption can make the different between no interaction to making your post as popular as they go. Here’s how to construct the best post for your social media.

Make your caption relevant to the audience

Perhaps you have a specific blog or newsletter you want to promote. Who is your target audience for this? It’s more than likely to be a prospect or client. It’s important to realise that you will have different demographics for different channels and different sorts of posts. Wording your caption with the best language and structure will help appeal to your target audience in a better, more direct way. This is always crucial to bear in mind before you start your post.

Want to increase engagement on social media? Here's how to structure your posts 1

Add a hook

The first part of your post should always be a hook to reel your viewer in. The best example of this would be to ask a question for example, therefore increasing the chance of audience activity should they decide to respond. A question also can stick in your viewers head, if it lingers there long enough it can drive them to come back to a post, giving them some intrigue. Other great hooks to use would be a quote for example, or even just a simple and relevant opening sentence can suffice if interesting enough.

Link to a topic

Is your post relevant to something that is going on currently? If you’re posting from a big event for example, make sure to link what you write back to that topic. For sites such as Twitter, this also allows you to increase your hashtags in a more natural way. If your audience are searching a hashtag since its relevant, they’re bound to see your post if its linked!

Want to increase engagement on social media? Here's how to structure your posts 2

Call to action!

The last piece of the puzzle is to end your post with something to leave a lasting impact on your audience that will make them want to interact with your post, or even your company. Whether its asking for them to leave their thoughts in the comments to create a conversation, or asking them to visit your website for more information, the last sentence should always be something to end on a high with, to open a door for your viewer to connect with you.

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