The Future Is Here, AI and Us

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic that's taken over the tech world. It's a creation that's brought what we once viewed as a fantasy into our homes, hospitals and more. It's an advance that will unravel wild possibilities. But with possibilities, also comes hope that we'll develop AI further for life saving uses. First, let's look at how we're already publicly using Artificial Intelligence. Google's first home release is an AI personal assistant. This device is simply a home speaker, which resembles a more advanced version of Siri. It uses far field voice recognition to detect a person asking questions to which it responds. The device will begin interaction when it hears the words, "Okay Google." LED lights on the top of the device activate when the assistant is listening. You can ask it to do tasks such as, play music, control your smartphone devices and it also uses Google search technology to find answers to your questions through the internet. Seems simple right? But once you actually break each task down, this device can remind you of appointments, add items onto your shopping lists, play your favourite songs at specific times, set a timer for your oven, even turn your lights on! Once given permission, this AI can scan emails, calendars, files and personal photos held on other apple devices. Now let's look at AI's uses in medical advances. AI developments have given amputees hope. Bionic limbs that are controlled through electrical impulses from the brain are [...]