By: Shot Blast On: 8th February 2018 In: Guides/ Tips, Tech Comments: 0

What is Time-Lapse Photography? Time-lapses allow you to compress the beauty of hours, days even years of work into...

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By: Shot Blast On: 30th November 2017 In: Tech Comments: 0

We know it’s always said, but this New Year holds some exciting developments in the technology world; from robots,...

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By: Shot Blast On: 2nd March 2017 In: Tech Comments: 0

Virtual and augmented reality have been popular talking points since the 90’s; however the execution of the ground-breaking concepts...

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By: Shot Blast On: 16th January 2017 In: Tech Comments: 0

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic that’s taken over the tech world. It’s a creation that’s brought what...

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