Let’s start with the basics…what is time-lapse photography?

So, basically time-lapses are a series of images taken over a short or long period of time that come together to make moving image sequence…i.e. a video.

What’s the benefits of using this style over just simple video? Time-lapse photography is great to show processes, such as construction builds, art piece creations or other kinds of installations.

It can be used as a single time-lapse video or as a stylistic way to break up your video production of a bigger project. The setting of the timelapse will depend on the project, bigger lengthy builds may need an image every 15 minutes or every second for things like capturing cars at night or sunsets.

Interested in how time-lapse can work for you? Here’s some examples to get your creativity flowing…

Construction Time-Lapse

Dustin Farrell - Landscape Compilation

Illusion of Lights: A Journey into the Unseen

Macworld Magazine - Cover creation