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What Is Corporate Video?

What Is Corporate Video? Corporate video this is essentially video commissioned by businesses, companies and organisations for their own sales and marketing purposes. It includes advertising content designed for all digital channels such as websites, social media, sales meetings, exhibitions etc but wouldn’t include content for TV or major broadcast. Corporate videos are generally commissioned by company MD’s or the communications and marketing departments. https://youtu.be/M6157lS7xdE How Much Does A Corporate Video Cost? How much does a corporate video cost? How’s longs a piece of string? It very much depends on a few factors, the duration – so how long is the video. It is 2 minutes, 3 minutes or 5 minutes or more? Also how polished does the production need to be, so does it require a voiceover, is it a complex shoot that requires several crew across several sites, is it an animated video? Is it a one off video or as part of a campaign. Typically a short brand film campaign that’s of a good quality may range on average from £4,000 - £6,000. https://youtu.be/YfiGUxX3EeU What Should A Corporate Video Include? A corporate video should include 3 core essences. 1. A story - this will bring your audience on a journey and engage them from the start – the whole point! 2. Personalty – businesses shouldn’t be afraid to showcase their personality and tone of voice. This helps build connection and trust as people will be able to answer – yes I wanna do business with this [...]

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What Is A Health And Safety Induction Video?

What Is A Health And Safety Induction Video? A health and safety induction video outlines the safe working practices and procedures on site. It can be for both workplaces and sites. It should welcome new employees and contractors and prepare them for their role so that that work safely. It’s a way of introducing people to the company and also the safety culture. A health and safety induction video should also highlight any risks and dangers on site and how to mitigate these. https://youtu.be/z_AY3acoymo What Should A Health And Safety Induction Include? A health and safety induction should include a number of different things. Firstly it should outline all the key information that is detailed within the companies Health and Safety policy. This might include things such as Accident reporting, fire evacuation procedures, First aid arrangements, key welfare locations, Prohibited areas, site safety rules and potential risks and hazards on site. https://youtu.be/887abQNcutA What Is An Induction In The Workplace? An induction in the workplace is the process that new workers and contractors go through so that they are familiar with how to perform tasks safely. The information in the induction should be consistent and accurate and provide workers with the correct know how before they can go into the workplace. Inductions in the workplace should test a persons competence, for example by showcasing a video and then answering some key questions to check for understanding. https://youtu.be/VJ02Gm-qGak What Are The 3 Main Types Of Induction Training? General induction training – [...]

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Working From Home and Post Lockdown Business Trends

We’re still feeling the effects of the global pandemic, and whilst most things are getting back to normal, conditions in the workplace are still easing in. For many, they haven’t even gone back to work, or are still working from home. Around 68% of our followers and clients are still working from home, with 25% back at work, and 7% occasionally doing both. However, if the lockdown has taught us anything, it is that working from home for so many companies is totally doable, and many people won’t be going back to work properly until next year. There are many trends that have come out of this, ones many businesses would not have even considered before. As many start to head back to the office, here are some things that we think will still be around and relevant even after the easing of the lockdown restrictions. It’s obvious to see one of the main trends seen during lockdown is a huge increase in the numbers of people working from home. So how has this changed communication? Well it’s brutally obvious isn’t it? It’s an increase in use of video conferencing. Now that tool was always there before, it was always available to us, but actually it’s been an absolutely brilliant tool for companies to connect with their clients and wider networks. So instead of picking up the phone which many would ordinarily do or go and see them, the going to see them option has obviously be removed so [...]

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Drone Video: What Are The Benefits?

Drone video is a form of video production that is very well established now. It's the use of a drone camera to capture large landscapes and cityscapes from a birds eye view position, and in our present climate, companies are racing to have drone films of their own made. With that being said, what are the benefits of having a drone video? https://youtu.be/XBKQYm6hE48 For the construction sector in particular, drones allow for easy capture of a site or landscape, that you couldn’t possibly do with a film crew. The pilot can do multiple shoots showing the progression of your site, allowing you to update your audience on what’s new and what your site will eventually become. Drone video is perfect or site surveys, to help measure areas of land or provide a closer inspection of a tower or tank for example that may require maintenance. With a skilled pilot at the helm, a drone can film all around your site, on top, as close as you need, and even inside a building for you. This can be for site survey, inspection and for marketing purposes. https://youtu.be/2oriPysG8fo The popularity of using drones has escalated over the past few years and for the construction sector this has been a key way of capturing site progress on an epic scale and showcase this to your audience. It’s popularity is always increasing as the technology improves, as does the amount of people devoting their careers to being drone pilots. Are there [...]

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Interactive Video: An Immersive Film Experience

Interactive video is an ideal tool to help enhance a corporate video productions that requires some interaction and input from the user. The term interactive video usually refers to a technique used to blend interaction and linear film or video. You can use interactive video for a number of different experiences. They can be used to create training courses and e-learning programmes. They can also be used to create immersive marketing experiences for consumers. The possibilities are quite endless, especially with the large set of tools given to develop these interactive videos. Check out our example below: Interaction video is normally developed in two parts. The content itself, so this may be in the form of a live action video, animated video or simple animated slide format or a mixture, to create the 'slides' and sections in between questions or interactive parts. This part of the content would normally contain the learning points, educational material or marketing content for the audience to engage with and understand to prepare them for whatever they will be interacting with. The second part of the interactive video are the interactive elements required where the user has clickable tasks and actions as a result of watching the video. For example these may be things like hotspots where the user clicks in a certain area of the video. It might include questions where the user has to select an answer in a multiple choice format or make a decision on what the next step will [...]

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What We’ve Been Streaming In August

We've been streaming as always as much as we can this summer. But as September approaches, people return to work and cinemas re-open, it's a prime time to get in as much streaming as possible. As always, we've got your back. Here are our streaming picks for this month. The Umbrella Academy With its second season having released in July, Netflix's The Umbrella Academy has already gained so much praise, and a massive fandom. Centred around a dysfunctional group of super-powered siblings who must prevent an upcoming apocalypse, there's a lot to love in this  quirky superhero story. With time travel being a massive part of the second season which is set in 1963, there's plenty of variety between the seasons whilst still having the same lovable characters throughout. It's hard to talk about the show without spoiling it, but the performances, soundtrack and overall story will easily cruise you through a good binge of it. Travel Man If you're missing travelling due to the pandemic, (isn't everyone?) then Richard Ayoade's Channel 4 show Travel Man is a perfect substitute. All episodes are on 4oD right now - and they're a riot to watch. Ayoade's humour is dry and sarcastic as always, and he injects it into the world of travel brilliantly, giving you a very different travel show. From Barcelona to Krakow, Richard is joined by a new guest every episode, from Paul Rudd to Dawn French. So if you're looking for a new destination after the virus [...]

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Utilising Google My Business For Your Company

You've used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... but is there a social media platform you may be unfamiliar with, and it's right under your nose. Google My Business is an extremely underused platform that deserves more love, for everything it can do for your marketing. So, what exactly is it? Google My Business is essentially a free social media service that you can sign your company up with in an instant. Many companies will have the base of the platform already when your company is being established in general online. For example, if you ever search a company on Google, a section will appear in the search results on the right of the screen giving the base information of your company. This is Google My Business, and it is more influential than you think. Those results you see when searching for a company will apply to yours as well when people are searching for your business, so it's important to make sure your information is up to date. So set up your Google My Business account, and when you have, you can manually set up all your contact information and also set your opening times. But this is just the start of this platforms features. Google My Business has it's own free web page for you once you sign up. A separate page with all of your details on, which can be edited however you like. It's rather simplistic but it gives you a new way of optimising your company and [...]

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The Best Spotify Playlists for Working

Whether you're back working in the office or you're continuing to work from home, Spotify is everyone's best friend at the moment. Whether it be a podcast or audio book, Spotify has everything, and of course we can't forget it's biggest feature, music. Depending on how you work, you may listen to any of these things, or none at all. But at Shot Blast Media, we always listen to a range of different music to get us through the day. If you're wanting to listen to some new music, or even music you haven't heard in a long time, here are some of our top Spotify playlists you should listen to when you're working. Lo-Fi Beats to Study/Relax To This one is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a very famous playlist, amassing tons of views on YouTube and Spotify, and for good reason. If you need something chilled out and relaxing to listen to whilst you work, a calming playlist such as this can really get you in the working headspace. Film Scores and Soundtracks We're a corporate video production company, and with our love of video, comes our love of film. And with that love of film, comes our love of film scores. There's a lot of film score playlists on Spotify, but this one has to be our favourite. John Williams, Hans Zimmer... you name the film composer, they're in here. It's a very different and specific playlist but if you're looking for a [...]

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The Video Production Editing Process

It’s quite common for a client to ask one of us during or at the end of a shoot how the video production editing process works, so we thought we would go into a bit more detail about the post production workflow. There are many types of video we produce for industry, sub genres as it were. Interview based documentary style, brand videos with or without a voiceover or text, adverts, instructional, health and safety, drone, parody and lately online video chat based videos using software such as Zoom and Teams. All of these videos can be edited in a variety of ways, yet all of them have our base editing in common. So how do we start our editing process? We start with the footage first and import it into our editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. We need to make sure that the sequence aligns in setting to the footage, so that our frame rate doesn't stutter and feel awkward in playback. We also have to put all of our items into organised bins at the side of the sequence interface to make things neat and tidy. We will watch all of the footage first to start and get familiar with the subject and where exactly to start when we begin the editing process. Lets say we need to cut down a 25 minute interview down to a 5 min video. We'd need to have a good look at our script to see what is primarily needed for [...]

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Video Games: Shot Blast Media’s Recommendations

While video and film is and always will be our thing, we're a media company, so we're all attached to many different types of media. Video Games are just one of these forms. We've all played a game in our lifetime, and perhaps we still are. It's great to be put into a virtual world where you are in control of the characters and stories and totally get lost in these worlds. So, we thought we'd talk about some of our favourite games, a change to our normal discussions about film and TV. So if you're ever thinking about picking up a controller soon, give these recommendations a go. Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 We all know GTA, and we're all getting to know RDR a lot more now. Huge, open world, do whatever you want simulators set in an LA inspired world and the American West. Rockstar's flagship titles are insanely immersive and are so easy to jump into. So if you're feeling a drive through Los Santos or a horse ride across a mountain, these games are just aching to be played, if you haven't already. They're absolute firm favourites across the office! Animal Crossing: New Horizons If you're up for a relaxed and laid back experience, it's worth picking up Animal Crossing: New Horizons or any other games in the series if you're a Nintendo user. What's so great about this game? You get to create your own island paradise, decorate it [...]

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