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Immersive Video: What You Need To Know

More and more people are finding themselves experiencing the amazing capabilities of immersive video production. But just what is immersive video? Well as it says on the tin, this form of video is all about immersion of the audience into the video, not just with the viewing of it, but having the audience interact with it. We see these forms of video everywhere. Virtual reality is a big example, a service that is becoming more and more prevalent in modern technology and the wider media landscape. Then you have standard interactive videos, where the audience can click and choose areas of the video they'd like to go to next, at their leisure. You'd usually see these as training courses or e-brochures. So how can immersive video help you, and what do you need to know about it? Virtual Reality Video Production VR video production as said, is a fast growing video service that is becoming more and more used in companies everyday. Giving your audience the ability to control themselves in a virtually created world is quite the experience. The world is graphical and CGI based as opposed to live action video. Virtual reality technology includes headsets, eyewear and controllers that allow the user to control certain actions in the virtual world. Of course, you’ll need your base video too. Depending on what you want to be able to do in your video, you may only require a headset. Using the virtual reality equipment, the user can control certain [...]

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Reading your YouTube analytics: Expert level

When you've uploaded your perfect video to YouTube, you'll next be wanting to know if that video and your channel are bringing in the traffic you desire. In this course, Sam will teach you how to read your YouTube analytics and how to make the most of the results. Your feedback is always appreciated. Help us improve our content. How good was the content? How good was the presentation? How likely are you to use what you've learnt? How likely are you to recommend the course to someone else? Back to courses Downloadable Content Members Forum

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The Cinema Experience Post-Lockdown | Tales from the Couch

It's been so long since we've ventured to the cinema due to the pandemic. Fortunately, they're all back open now, entertaining us all once again. As film lovers we couldn't be happier. We've been able to have a couple of trips recently and we thought it'd be great to sit down and discuss the return to this experience with one another in our latest vlog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi1Q5gJjnpg Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [email protected] Contact Us

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Animated Video Production: The best software available

Looking to get into the world of animated video production? This blog is here to suggest to you the best programmes for 2D and 3D animation services and tips on how to get started in the industry, as there is so much software available. We'll offer our top suggestions, but it really does depend on your personal preference. Animation is easy to start, however it's incredibly difficult to master. The learning process never stops. You can start to create simple animations, then gradually develop your skills and personal style. The first thing you should do is have a look at what's around. Get inspired! What work do you like? Find out how they did it. Researching into other peoples work can give you a good place to start from. Animated videos can be done in many different ways and with multiple programmes, so what's our advice? Well, you should try to make it as affordable as possible, free or low cost programmes are always the best place to start. Most software will offer free trails so if you find one in your previous research that you'd like to try out. Make the most of it and see which works best for you. Blender Blender is a free software that allows you to create professional 3D animations and models with a well laid out interface equipped with a variety of tools. The pros of Blender lay mostly with the range of features the software offers. There's options for 3D shaping, [...]

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Euro 2020: Our Favourite Football Movies and Shows

It's Euro 2020! England have just beaten old foes Germany this past week in their round of 16 match at Wembley, winning 2-0, making history! Then they went onto devastate Ukraine with 4-0 to England! It's a very exciting time for football fans up and down the country, with the hopes of the Three Lions getting into the final. Fingers crossed we haven't jinxed it! So whilst football fever is in the air, we thought we'd look at some of the best football themed films and shows out there that, if you're tired of waiting for the next match, hopefully a couple of these shall be able to tide you over! Ted Lasso If you've got a subscription to Apple TV, then you've got the opportunity to watch this absolute gem. A TV show starring Jason Sudeikis as the loveably naïve Ted Lasso, a small-time American football coach, who is hired to coach a professional football team in England, despite having no experience coaching the sport. It's a bizarre comedy with plenty of great humour, particularly from Sudeikis, but there's also a lot of heart, warmth and incredible drama in here too. Bend It Like Beckham Everyone knows this one, a British cult classic featuring Kiera Knightly as an aspiring football player looking to stray away from the typical norms of womanhood and blow everyone away at what she can do with the sport. Directed by the amazing Gurinder Chadha, this one is undoubtedly the football classic most people [...]

Euro 2020: Our Favourite Football Movies and Shows2021-07-07T14:56:06+00:00

The Best Animated Adverts

We've always said that animated video, be it 2D or 3D, is an incredibly effective way of telling your story and selling your services. We've created many animated videos for these purposes, and it's undeniable to say that the vast array of colour, personality and charisma they have doesn't go a long way. So we've decided to move away from our own animated videos and have a look at some other 2D and 3D animated adverts that have done very well in the mainstream. The Bear and the Hare (John Lewis) What would this list be without a John Lewis Christmas advert? Of course we have to go for a classic, The Bear and the Hare. With a rendition of 'Somewhere Only We Know' by Lily Allen as the backing track, this one is arguably the most popular ad that John Lewis has done. In terms of 2D animation, this looked as though it had just come out of a Disney movie, and perhaps that's why it clicked with so many of us. The 2D animated video looks gorgeous and still holds up today, it's hard to deny this isn't one of their best adverts, or at least one of them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCmvz8rDYVU Say Hello (Headspace) Headspace is a meditation app that has grown in popularity over recent years. Some of that might be down to their strong marketing, in particular their very fresh looking adverts that have a very distinct style that, if you know the app well, [...]

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Optimising your YouTube video: Intermediate level

In this course Sam will take you through the ins and outs of optimising your YouTube videos for their launch on the web. With thumbnails tips, keyword ideas and all of the best advice to make your video stand out from the crowd. Your feedback is always appreciated. Help us improve our content. How good was the content? How good was the presentation? How likely are you to use what you've learnt? How likely are you to recommend the course to someone else? Back to courses Downloadable Content Members Forum

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Our Most Influential Filmmakers Of 3D Animation Video Production

Influential filmmakers are something we've talked about before, from Quentin Tarantino to David Lynch. But with film, you can only expect a large variety of different types with different filmmakers having various specialities. So we thought we'd look at a genre of film in particular, and that being 3D animation video production. So, who do we find the most inspirational of animation companies? Aardman Animations Aardman are a 3D animation video company based in Bristol, and are most notable for creating the Wallace and Gromit series as well as films such as Chicken Run and Early Man. Everyone knows at least one of their films, especially in Britain! Wallace and Gromit is a household name. They're a company that work with plasticine models and create stop-motion animation for their films. It's a time-taking process but their finished products are always top notch. Seriously, there isn't a bad one in the bunch. Pixar Just like Aardman, everyone know this 3D animation video company. Pixar are owned by Disney, and have brought us some of the most iconic and genre defining films of the last few decades. Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Up and Wall-E, to name but a few. They've also won a huge amount of Oscars, BAFTAS and Golden Globes, they're a big deal, and it's hard to say they aren't at the top of 3D animated film studio pack. There's always a guarantee everyone has at least seen one. Dreamworks Some would argue that Dreamworks are the ultimate rival to Disney and Pixar. Infact, many see the extremely popular [...]

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A Glimmer of Hope for the Cinema Experience

A few weeks ago we blogged about cinemas reopening, primarily in the USA, where many had had great turnouts to some long awaited films. It was only a matter of time before the UK opened the doors of chains such as Cineworld and Odeon, and fortunately for us, we've also had a great opening too. So what does this spell for the future of the cinema experience? In the last week, films such as Peter Rabbit 2 took an estimated £7m in ticket sales, the best for a film since March 2020, before we went into lockdown. Godzilla vs. Kong also performed very well, despite the circumstances regarding it's release such as being on digital home platforms for the last month. Odeon said that it sold 25,000 portions of popcorn, 9,000 portions of nachos, 3,000 hot dogs and 25,000 litres of drinks in just the first four days after cinemas reopened! Those are great numbers! This just proves with certainty that people are aching to get in front of the big screen again, something unexpected due to the past year, but welcomed all the same. It seems as though people are missing these luxuries, and that couldn't be more obvious, even when they're available in other places, safe from COVID, the cinema has had a strong resurgence. And these numbers are only going to get better, as highly anticipated films such as Cruella and A Quiet Place Part II are releasing this weekend, and in terms of the latter, it will be exclusive to cinemas. Of [...]

A Glimmer of Hope for the Cinema Experience2021-05-26T14:04:05+00:00

Understanding Drone Videography

Drone video is still as popular and as prevalent as it ever has been. But what is drone film? In basic terms, it is the use of a drone camera to capture large landscapes and cityscapes from a birds eye view position. Drone film can vary in price depending on what you are after, are you wanting footage or just photos, for example. However in comparison to our other video production services, drone filming is cheaper to do. Most video production agencies will charge on a day rate basis which may be anywhere from £500-£1000 a day depending on the level of experience. 360_video For the construction sector in particular, drones allow for easy capture of a site or landscape, that you couldn’t possibly do with a film crew. The pilot can do multiple shoots showing the progression of your site, allowing you to update your audience on what’s new and what your site will eventually become. Drones are also a useful tool for site surveys, to help measure areas of land or provide a closer inspection of a tower or tank for example that may require maintenance. The shoot is relatively simple, a pilot will check and survey the area first to ensure there are no restrictions in place. Once they arrive on site they will have a plan about where they intend to fly. Once in flight, which normally lasts 12-15 minutes they will conduct the shot and film the shots required. Depending on the [...]

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