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Will You Be Going Back To The Cinema?

The world is opening back up again, slowly but surely, and with that comes the reopening of cinemas. Now we've talked about how the pandemic has effected cinema on our blog before, but things seem to be making a change. In the United States, the newly released Godzilla vs. Kong movie has set a pandemic record with a $48.5 million debut. This is huge, a film that didn't really have too much advertising behind it until the last month or so, has done what Christopher Nolan's Tenet tried to accomplish last year, in creating a massive consumer return to cinemas. Of course in the UK we're still waiting for cinemas to reopen. But is this recent success for the US be a sign that cinemas are going to survive longer than what we presumed a year ago? Potentially. It's worth noting that cinemas in the UK aren't due to be opened until at least June if the government's roadmap goes according to plan. So, that's a couple of months delay for us to catch up to the US, so our cinemas won't be able to reap the financial benefits of what Godzilla vs. King could possibly make. Yet, June is the perfect time to open. Summer blockbusters are the ultimate money makers for cinemas, and with big films such as Black Widow and The Suicide Squad releasing this summer, people will be aching to get back in front of the big screen to see a film, especially these ones. So, it could be that UK cinemas [...]

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Interactive Video Production: Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive video production is an ideal way to help enhance a corporate video production that requires some form of interaction and input from the user. Interactive videos provide the viewer with the ability to click using a desktop or a mobile device within the video for an action to occur. https://youtu.be/mf6kcHANGHM An interactive video platform is one which allows or relates to a continuous two-way transfer of information, typically between the user and the central point of communication system such as a computer or a TV. https://youtu.be/VHPhQpXmDU0 Interactive media is a method of communication in which the program's outputs depend on the user's inputs. Interaction video can provide a number of different clickable actions in relation to the content that is being watched. https://youtu.be/-Hytc-KDC8w Interactive video production is a new way to promote your brand. You could use an interactive video to create an e-brochure. This will allow your customers ultimately to decide on what type of content they want to learn more about. They could click on a number of different options that route them through questions or to videos or to different websites. This extra layer of interactivity offers a different level of engagement, ultimately giving your audience more control over the decisions about the type of content that they want to see. This is really empowering also for companies who want to guide customers through a series of short questions and then route customers to different options. https://youtu.be/g3hrJzGl1IQ You can use interactive video for training purposes [...]

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The Benefits of Online Courses and E-Learning Tutorials

Online Courses, or E-Learning in general is a type of service that is becoming more and more prominent in our current internet, business and training landscape. What is e-learning? Well it's a type of service where you can learn all the best skills to better yourself in a certain area of expertise, all from guides that are usually in video format, so essentially video classes. There are specific online learning sites such as Lynda, a subsite from LinkedIn that has a variety of video courses to learn from. There's also Skillshare, an even more prominent one that is rising to a substantial popularity. But why are these sites and online courses so beneficial for you and your business? At time of writing this blog, we're still in lockdown. For that reason, e-learning sites are so important today. People can't go out to do proper training courses with a variety of skills you could learn in a physical sense due to social distancing. So, how have people been learning? Through the internet, and through those who create online video courses for others to learn from. And it seems as though this will be a set standard for the future too. Now that people know this is a more cost effective way of teaching, people will use it more, it's definitely here to stay.  On-demand learning is easy and effective. Which leads us to another advantage. Online training is cheap and affordable. Even more so, then having to pay for the [...]

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Beating The Netflix Algorithm

So it's occurred to us recently whilst we've been browsing Netflix in our free time that we've been watching a lot of the same stuff over and over again, or stuff that's so similar to what we've already watched, we may as well not branch into watching other things.  But why is that the case? It can't be down simply to the simple fact that we like a certain genre or type of visual media, because everyone likes more than one genre. If you could, we're sure you'd love to watch a comedy now and again as compared to the vast amount of docuseries you've been watching. So what could it be? Netflix's algorithm is designed to cater to the individual and your favourite genres and subjects. Infact, you could literally create a new account, watch a single documentary, and the rest of your recommendations would be documentaries. Usually, these recommendations are the first things we'll see, and many people just don't want to have to scroll to find something. They want their content fast, immediately. That's what Netflix is designed for. And sure, this isn't applied to everyone, as a lot of people will search for something else. But sometimes it can be hard to avoid. What exactly can you do to avoid this? Well, as we say, it's good to create a new account, or separate profiles, in which you can dive into a new algorithm you've made for yourself. Feeling comedy? Choose your comedy profile. Want [...]

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Health and Safety Video Induction Training: An Important Video For Your Company

Health and Safety Video Induction Training is a critical and key part for any business especially those that have factories, sites, power generation, manufacturing and engineering facilities. Site Safety is absolutely paramount. Most people on site will be aware of specific PPE that they have to wear but one of the biggest challenges for companies is how can they engage their staff, their visitors and contractors in key health and safety information. Health and Safety induction videos are a great way to educate and inform staff of the safe working procedures and how to take necessary precautions in the event of an incident. Video training is ideal for new starters to guide them through the induction process and orientation of a new site environment. Most people will know the basics of what they need to do to stay safe, such as wearing PPE and looking out for their own safety as well as others. The main challenge faced by organisations is engaging their audiences to focus on particular safety issues or topics. Engaging content is absolutely key. If you want those accidents and incidents to reduce on-site you've got to get people engaged with your program, so you've really got to think about your content. How you make it appealing to watch and how you break it down into small bite-sized chunks of information so that people can go away with all the key themes, understand what they're doing and feel well-informed. Muster points, emergency procedures, specialist operations for [...]

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How to edit in Premiere Pro & Audition: Expert level

With Adobe Premiere Pro, there's so much we can learn about video editing. In this expert level guide, Sam will show you how to cut together an interview with new grading tips, how to create music tracks for your video with Adobe Audition and how to structure your interview with some next level tricks and ideas. Your feedback is always appreciated. Help us improve our content. How good was the content? How good was the presentation? How likely are you to use what you've learnt? How likely are you to recommend the course to someone else? Back to courses Downloadable Content Members Forum

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