By: Shot Blast On: 16th May 2018 In: Guides/ Tips, Photography Comments: 0

When it comes to editing, there’s no doubt that Adobe Photoshop is the best in the market but it...

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By: Shot Blast On: 3rd May 2018 In: What's New Comments: 0

Timpsons Engineering, a mechanical engineering company based in Kettering are one of our newest clients. Their philosophy abides by...

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By: Shot Blast On: 3rd May 2018 In: Guides/ Tips, Marketing, Video Comments: 0

Call to actions on videos can be a valuable way of driving traffic to desired areas, or a completely...

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By: Shot Blast On: 19th April 2018 In: Video Comments: 0

More than half a BILLION hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. When you also combine sharing...

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By: Shot Blast On: 6th April 2018 In: What's New Comments: 0

It’s been a bit of an uphill battle for Shot Blast Media’s first official event, Film with the Filmmakers....

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By: Shot Blast On: 8th March 2018 In: Marketing, Video Comments: 0

Case studies are all about seeing your product or service in action. Usually people think of the term ‘case...

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By: Shot Blast On: 22nd February 2018 In: Marketing, Video Comments: 0

It’s a common mistake that if the business you work for is a corporate industry, that your messages need...

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By: Shot Blast On: 8th February 2018 In: Guides/ Tips, Tech Comments: 0

What is Time-Lapse Photography? Time-lapses allow you to compress the beauty of hours, days even years of work into...

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By: Shot Blast On: 1st February 2018 In: Photography Comments: 0

Let’s start with the basics…what is time-lapse photography? So, basically time-lapses are a series of images taken over a...

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By: Shot Blast On: 18th January 2018 In: Guides/ Tips Comments: 0

We’d like to offer our knowledge to help up your online game in terms of what you use to...

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