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It’s a common mistake that if the business you work for is a corporate industry, that your messages need...

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What is Time-Lapse Photography? Time-lapses allow you to compress the beauty of hours, days even years of work into...

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Let’s start with the basics…what is time-lapse photography? So, basically time-lapses are a series of images taken over a...

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We’d like to offer our knowledge to help up your online game in terms of what you use to...

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The internet has seen a massive surge of videos over the last year with video content now accounting for...

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“Business Has Only Two Functions – Marketing and Innovation” – Milan Kundera Shot Blast Media are always looking at...

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We know it’s always said, but this New Year holds some exciting developments in the technology world; from robots,...

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Drone video is an increasingly popular tool to help businesses in a variety of ways. Everyone’s talking about it...

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Drones also referred to as remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have become a popular item,...

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There has been a surge in popularity of drone photography and videography over the past year. We’re loving this...

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