How to analyse your web analytics and drive marketing performance

At first glance, web analytics can look confusing. Yet, the thing about them is they are absolutely crucial in understanding how your company website is doing, and all of the social media platforms you have accounts for. Social Media is integral for any modern company to be part of, and its what will most likely get you the most traction on the internet. Analysing your analytics week by week is incredibly beneficial to find out what direction you should take your social media and web presence in. We've been looking closely at our own analytics recently and thought we'd share our findings and experiences with you, so you can analyse your data to help improve your company's web traction. Step 1) Set up your sites and trackers You'll probably already be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for example. To get the most out of social media, we'd recommend getting your company on Instagram and YouTube too, some of our favourites! Its also key to make sure your company is on Google My Business. It's a free service that allows you to have a quick and easy to read page full of your company's details, reviews and work that Google compiles for you. When you have all your social media sites set up, have Google Analytics set up to your website. Analytics is what you'll use most of all to track website traction, it essentially gives you the who, what, when and where of those that are visiting your site. [...]

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How to engage your staff in Health and Safety content

Health and safety is incredibly important in all industries, particularly in manufacturing, engineering, construction and energy. Large sites, heavy plant and equipment and technical processes, create the need for effective safety communications. To ensure staff and contractors can operate safely. The importance of health and safety has never been more integral in looking after your employees and making sure they maintain a strong and chipper working life. Of course, this can always be regarded as the 'boring' stuff by your staff. You may want to change your health and safety courses or lectures into something a bit more exciting and digestible for your audience, and that's why we're here to tell you that video may be your answer. Watching a video sure beats reading through pages and pages of your safety guidelines. The best thing about video is you can turn those pages into a script that can be translated in a more invigorating way on screen. If you don't believe us, here's an example of one of our health & safety videos for Engie. With that, here's how you can engage your staff with a video production on health and safety. Expansive Formats The best thing about video is that the platform is very expansive, meaning you can delve into different formats of video. As with the example above, animation is a great option for these types of videos. It makes the video a whole lot more colourful and exciting, and with animation the possibilities are endless. That [...]

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