How reviews and client feedback can help improve your business turnover

We all love a good review. There is nothing better than getting amazing feedback from those you have gone out of your way for, to deliver the best possible experience or product. We recently received a couple of glowing reviews from some of our clients via Google Reviews and LinkedIn, and the feeling of another's happiness due to our passion to tell their story felt great. ''Lotty and the Shot Blast team filmed a large number of our products over a week-long project. They were easy to work with and very accommodating of our needs, both in terms of capturing the right footage and editing specifically to our requirements.'' - George Brazil "Fantastic work by Lotty and the team at shotblast! Very easy and quick to work with. Amazing!'' - Josh Hoyle We're very appreciative of these reviews, and that's why we always go one step further with them. Reviews are incredibly important to your business and rightly so. But, you could be doing so much more with them than just receiving them. That's why we want to give you a guide in how you can get the most out of your reviews, because there is plenty you can do with them! 1. Sharing your reviews This may seem pretty simple and obvious, but there are many companies out there who receive their reviews and just hope they get noticed. We say you should embrace your reviews! Social Media is there to share these comments and thoughts so your [...]

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Meet our corporate brand video client, Pro-Sight

Pro-Sight approached us with the task of creating an exhibition video for the launch of their new app, a unique idea tailored towards monitoring and tracking glass bottle lines. The video production we made for them show's off the app's capabilities, including the way you can track each and every bottle that goes down the line - as well as being able to identify areas of lost production. There's so much more this app can do, a video was the best way to demonstrate how helpful it was. With the app being cloud powered, it's definitely a useful and unique idea. We were extremely excited to get to work on the video with Pro-Sight and tell their story. Pro-Sight deliver imaginative solutions and services to better their customers needs, just as we do, so it was a match made in heaven for us. idea of the app is to enhance the experience of those working with bottle lines and check line efficiencies, and just like the app, our video is straight to the point and displays the idea in it's full glory. Innovation at it's best! We're also very glad to say that Pro-Sight were really pleased with the finished product, it was produced to a very tight timescale in time for their latest exhibition. To see the video in full, follow the link below! Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 [...]

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Meet our corporate brand video client, Pandrol Track Systems

We've been busy working with Pandrol Track Systems, who tasked us with the opportunity to create a suite of videos for a range of their products to showcase at exhibitions. They are a company that manufactures rail fastenings, which are used to fasten rails to railways sleepers. From the One Shot Crucible to the Nabla Evolution Fastening System, Pandrol have been making these products since 1937 and they continue to defy the industry standard and go above and beyond to make sure the maintaining of railways as efficient as ever. We made a number of video productions for them, showing off a range of their products being put to the test! Here's a couple of pictures to get your teeth stuck into, and a link to one of the corporate brand videos we made for them from our portfolio. Due to the various sizes of the products Pandrol isn't able to showcase their systems at exhibitions, this is where we came in. We made a video showing each of the products doing their job, after-all it's better to see them in action! Video was a great way to demonstrate what the fastenings could do and how they worked. They've been very well received with some brilliant feedback and the videos are in constant use - which we couldn't be more delighted to hear! Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [...]

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‘Behind The Scenes’: The Best Ways to Utilise it

What's just as important as our films is the filmmaking. Well sure, that's pretty obvious, you'd have no film without the work behind it! But, it is something that is overlooked. In fact, part of the story we tell for you comes from the story we tell for us. From the planning stages, to the shooting days, to the editing and then the delivery to you, all of our filmmaking is a story in itself. Check out an example of our Behind the scenes (BTS) content below, to show you what a day's shooting looks like! Behind the scenes be a small, yet powerful tool for your company. We've been looking into utilising BTS a lot more recently, so we've been very inspired! For that reason, we want to give you a lowdown on how BTS can be a great way to promote yourselves above the rest in the industry. It doesn't even have to be something in depth as a video, it can be as small as a status update on Facebook! It can mean anything. So look no further, we've got your back! Team Content There's nothing better that shows off your family values than the team you work with. For that reason, we'd like to suggest taking some family photos! People love the idea of a company that takes its family principles seriously, so posting a team photo now and again to social media is a small way of showing off your BTS that is [...]

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