5 Need To Know Tips When Using Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook videos are becoming an ever growing powerful marketing tool for any business to add into their marketing strategies. They allow for instant feedback, engagement and most importantly action to be taken driving traffic to your product or service! Facebook videos are cost effective, versatile and profitable when used correctly. There are more than one billion people active on Facebook, with an average of 8 billion videos viewed daily, that's a lot of people that could be watching your marketing content. 1. Upload your videos directly to Facebook YouTube is an amazing hosting platform for videos, but if you're looking at capturing a Facebook audience, post them straight on there! Facebook native videos perform up to 4 times better than all other video formats according to Quintly's study. 2. Keep them short and snappy - and yes we mean as short as possible Audiences attention spans are short at the best of times, whilst on social media you need to strike whilst the iron is hot. Capture their attention in the shortest time possible to get them to stick around on your autoplay video. Unless the viewer is already interested and actively engaging with your brand, you'll only have the time a finger scroll to make a potential prospect notice you, go get them! 3. Make sure you can get them with or without sound This goes back to the last point, unless people are actively already super engaged with your brand, it's likely they're only going to come across your [...]