5 Video Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention To

More than half a BILLION hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. When you also combine sharing your video on social media sites such as Facebook (which has 100 million video views daily), you have the potential for a pretty vast reach in audience...but what should you be looking at once the video's been shared? 1. Watch time This is the total amount of time viewers have spent watching your video. Youtube ranks videos that have the highest watch time engagement rates over those with higher views. 2. Average Completion Rate Average completion rate measures how well your video holds the viewers attention. The more people that watch your full video, the higher Facebook will rank your videos in viewers news feeds.  3.  Audience Retention Paying attention to where your audiences engagement either dips in engagement or they rewatch a specific part of your video frequently will allow you to gain a further understanding of how they like to be communicated with, meaning that you can shape your future content that truly resonates with your audience. 4.  Click Through Rate Maybe one of the most important things, how many people took the desired action after watching your video? If this click through rate is low, maybe think about changing up your call to action (CTA). Most people don't watch videos all the way through, so be mindful of this when you're thinking about the placement of the CTA. 5. Average View Duration The average view duration is the [...]