Shot Blast Media’s Top Christmas Film Picks

After much debate in the office, we've narrowed down our top 5 Christmas films. THE POLAR EXPRESS Based on the childrens book by Chris Van Allsburg, who also served as one of the producers on the film. This inspiring adventure film captures the raw essence of youthful excitement for this time of year. The film features a doubtful boy, who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole. A journey of self discovery that shows the wonder of life for those that believe. The awesome storyline is just the first of many reasons why this film is a unanimous favourite. It was also the first animation created by Castle Rock Entertainment. It's also listed in the Guinness World Book of Records in 2006 as the first all digital capture film. Secondly, the film also marked award winning actor, Michael Jeter's last role before his death. The film was dedicated in his memory. ELF An american Christmas comedy directed by Jon Favreau and written by David Berebaum that brings joy to everyone who watches it. The film follows Buddy, a human who was raised in the North Pole. Played by actor Will Ferrell, Buddy travels back to New York to rekindle a relationship with his birth father. Ferrell is truly in his element with this role. A great film for the whole family to enjoy. The film received mixed reviews, but it's replayed on TV each year because it's a festive must watch! It's a wonderful life A timeless [...]

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The Future of Marketing | Expert Predictions for 2017

Marketers should always be at the forefront of trends, for their own brand and for their clients. Our roles are naturally surrounded by an endless stream of questions, and everyone wants today questions answered yesterday. This post will shed some light on the top 5 upcoming trends based on the predictions of top innovators within the marketing and advertising world. 1. Brands will get more creative with formats to stand out from competition. Content marketing so far has been mostly based around blogs, press releases and other written formats. Visual content will become more important to all businesses. Visual based content will benefit your business by engaging with a growing online viewer base. Sujan Patel, growth and content marketing expert and co founder of Web Profits, says: "In 2017, content will get shorter, sweeter, more unique and punchy." 2. Mobile will be the centre of marketing. We're all aware of influences from the evolution of mobile devices and handy gadgets. The further development into 2017 will have a direct affect on marketing. The focus will shift to smaller screens, quick engaging daily snaps, 360 degree video and real time traffic updates based on mobile signals. Alex Hesz, director of digital, adam&eveDDB, says: "Mobile Internet in the developing world: Mobile has been in every one of these lists for two decades. And always correctly so. The next wave will matter. Because mobile web access will change the lives of billions of people over the next five years. Whole communities, whole regions, [...]

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