Creating An Engaging Video Hub For Customers, Suppliers And Staff Through Cinematic Video Production

Project Info

Client Esse Engineering
Skills Video Production

Project Description

Shot Blast Media’s film crew have worked with Esse Engineering for a number years producing a wide variety of video productions to showcase the company’s vast collection of range cookers and stoves. We have previously made technical recipe, marketing and live cooking demonstration videos and event promotion footage for Esse.

For this particular project Esse wanted a promotional brand video, which demonstrated to the general public how its cookers were manufactured from start to finish. Esse wanted to visually outline the numerous people and steps that are involved in the process of making a range cooker. The human element is highlighted throughout this video production – Esse is a company that works directly with its heritage when making each product. The video was shot in high-end quality more than meeting quality control. This quality works to visualise the standards the company holds for all of its products – no corners were cut in our video services, in the same way no corners are cut in its daily manufacturing – giving the end result a cinematic film production polish.

The main focus was the hand detailed craftsmanship of Esse’s cooker designs and the heritage that runs through, allowing viewers to gain a feel of the true essence of the company. Esse wanted to aid the consumers to visualise the quality and passion that goes into each and every product made. The project displays the fine line between classic and modern manufacturing, but always upholds the human element that gives Esse the glowing reputation it has today. Our aim was to produce a video that perfectly aligned with it’s manufacuring values.

Esse were pleased with the end result. Once finalised, this video became Esse’s highest ranking for views and engagement to date. The video is being used for a range wider marketing purposes and it is currently the leading brand video displayed on main page of the company website.

Esse have stated that the video has been very useful in various ways such as online and further marketing, being used in meetings with distributors and resellers. It’s a visual way of showcasing the ethics and general ethos of the company to all. The promo video allows the current employees and new clients to understand the brand, which has a ripple effect in aiding employees to sell that brand to new partners and customers.

Alix from Esse stated, “Shot Blast Media are well organised and can turn around an intricate filming brief from schedule to production in quick time. From factory filming, product overview videos to pop restaurants with celebrity chefs, all viewers enjoy the results.”