Motion Graphics Health And Safety Training Video

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Client Engie
Skills Motion Graphics

Project Description

Shot Blast Media Productions has worked with Engie, a global energy player and an expert operator in the three businesses of electricity, natural gas and energy services. The Group develops its businesses around a model based on responsible growth to take on the major challenges of energy’s transition to a low-carbon economy: access to sustainable energy, climate-change mitigation and adaptation, security of supply and the rational use of resources.

Our film crew has worked with this company on a multitude of video productions for this particular brief, the company wanted an internal health and safety video using motion graphics to visualise the concept. The internal video’s purpose was to improve safety awareness and communication throughout the company. This video is the first of many in a series to help demonstrate in house training and conduct on site to all employees to lower risk of injury or any other inconvenience.

Health and safety can sometimes be a hard concept to convey and live reconstructions can come across as dull and people can struggle to grasp a full understanding of the situation. However by using a motion graphics video, the demonstration is clean and simply broken down into engaging and creative sections for each employee to gain the skills and knowledge needed to lower general risk within Engie’s workplace.

Our production team has received great feedback from all the staff at Engie, video is a popular format of learning and training, which is why they continue to reinvest in our video services to keep the training of their employees up-to-date. The company used the video online, so that their employees can re access it to refresh their skills and knowledge efficiently. The video has been used internationally to train all members of Engie’s staff and contractors. This means to comply with the company’s needs, Shot Blast Media produced this package in multiple languages including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch and English.

“Shot Blast Media created an animated safety video for us at Engie. They helped to translate a relatively complex safety topic into a simple and accessible animation that we can now use to help improve our safety at our sites across the world. Prior to working with them, creating an animated video was something we had no experience of. Shot Blast helped us through the process of deciding on the look of the animation, writing a script for the voice over and with ideas on how best to convey the topic using animation. We found them professional and reliable and could certainly consider working with them again.

“One can only achieve a desired/ perfect outcome to a project when there is an honest partnership between customer (engineers) and supplier (mostly creative artists). In the numerous projects, Engie has realised that when working with Shot Blast Media, they have always been the perfect creative, developing and executing partner that we needed. Quick, creative with a particular eye for details and above all…solution orientated.”