Freelance Camera Operator


As a camera operator you will be required to be available for shoots (due notice will be given to allow you to prepare), occasionally two or more consecutive filming days in a row.
You’ll be working on a range of shoots managing your own camera equipment and be in charge of the creative filming process. You will be briefed on the ideals of the client and be a part of a collaborative decision to agree on the best way to execute shots.

Your ideas and your creative exploration are always welcome and rewarded, the more successfully creative you are, the more opportunities will arise.
You’ll get to work on a variety of projects including testimonial videos, demonstration videos, product videos, health and safety videos, corporate videos, training videos and more. As we specialise in industrial video production our shoots will normally require safety gear as well as a site induction, this will be provided for you by us beforehand.

Due to the nature of industrial production those who are fearful or wary of heights and confined spaces are not suitable for this role. Your safety is paramount but our filming sites are not always your average shoot. They will push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to experience numerous challenges that you wouldn’t come across in daily life.


    • Owning and maintaining your own camera equipment (When applying if you could let us know what camera equipment you work with).
    • Capable of assembling equipment (including tripods, lighting, sound etc).
    • Ability to find technical solutions when needed and also be able to adjust quickly to general problems on set – i.e. colour changes and other lighting issues.
    • Ability to plan shots and have an idea of desired outcome of package.
    • Being prepared to experiment with ideas and be innovative.
    • Working efficiently, time is an important factor – but without losing quality.
    • Taking sole responsibility for situations when there’s only one camera operator involved in filming.
    • Keeping up to date with new equipment and techniques.
    • Being reliable and respondent when asked to work and giving due notice if unavailable for any reason.
    • Demonstrate awareness of health and safety issues.
    • Be willing to adhere to confidentiality agreements.


    • A portfolio of previous work is mandatory, any previous experience of industrial filming is favourable.
    • Previous experience of working with a production company.
    • Understanding/experience of the editing process is favourable but not mandatory.
    • Communication skills – Written and vocal.
    • Photography skills are welcomed.
    • A friendly, engaging nature.
    • Show evidence of Public Liability and equipment insurance.


Flexible, depends on experience.


Email your CV and showreel to

Use  ‘SBM Freelance Camera Operator’ as the subject line.